Hi, I'm John


I was born and raised in Butte, Montana and I am proud to say I am the 4th generation of my family to call this beautiful State my home.  After graduating from Butte High School,  I received my Bachelor's of Science Degree in Business from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana.  I feel fortunate that my career as an electricain has allowed me to call Butte, Bozeman, Libby, Missoula , Billings and Northeastern Montana/Northwestern North Dakota my home at some point during my life. Montana is the 4th largest state in the union, and I am blessed to call the Treasure State my home.


After graduating from Montana State University I continued with my education and enrolled in the Montana JATC Program to follow in my Father's footsteps and become a licensed  electrician.  Growing up in Butte allowed me the opportunity to be trained through the IBEW .   I received my journeyman's license in 2001, my Master's license in 2003, and since that time the electrical industry has facilitated a career in residential, commercial and industrial applications both in a construction and maintenance capacity.  Over the last 8 years my electrical experience has been focused in the oil and gas industry.  

One of my hobbies has always been playing live poker.  I was co-owner, manager, and operator of one of the most successful poker games in the State. 

Growing up in a mining town, my career as a union trained oilfield electrician has instilled in me a blue-collar work ethic.  I know what its like to live paycheck to paycheck and to work hard and make sacrifices for a better quality of life.



1.  Creating high paying jobs in the mining, timber, and oil and gas industries.  Healthy extraction is real and unfortunately Montana has become a pawn to the climate change activists and the Agenda 21 proponents.  The Democratic Party no longer is the party for skilled labor. 

2.  We need full transparency in regards to healthcare. I have teamed up with Madison's Mission as my catalyst to bring awareness to diabetes and how we can figure out healthcare reform that is fair to everyone. 

3.  No gun control laws or red flag laws of any kind.  SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!!

4.  We need term limits for Congress.


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